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ADWA AD11 electronic pH meter

ADWA AD11 electronic pH meter

42,90 €

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The digital pH meter ADWA AD11.
Measure pH values easily, safely, and reliably.

The electronic pH meter AD11 by ADWA enables uncomplicated testing of the optimal pH value of irrigation water both before and after adding fertiliser. The pH value defines how "acidic" or "alkaline" a fluid is, i.e. how well other substances can dissolve in it. As such, the fluid should have an ideal pH value so that the added nutrients can dissolve optimally, as they are otherwise inaccessible to the plant. (Roots cannot "directly" take in nutrients, only in a solution with water).

The pH value of the nutrient solution should therefore always be in the appropriate range for the plant (and adjusted with pH correction solution if necessary), so that all necessary nutrients and trace elements in the nutrient solution can be absorbed.

The ADWA AD11 is a quality, microprocessor-controlled, water-resistant pH meter and thermometer. It combines professional name brand quality with a very attractive price. The measuring electrode can also be easily replaced.

Measured values are shown on the LCD display and can be saved using the "hold" function. The pH value is temperature-compensated and measured precisely to one decimal place.

ADWA AD11 electronic pH meter

Manufacturer: ADWA

pH measurement range: -2.00pH to 16.00pH
Temperature measurement range: -5° to 60°
Accuracy: +/- 0.1 pH
Temperature accuracy: +/-0.5°C
Calibration: 1-point or 2-point calibration

Delivery contents:

1x ADWA AD11, pH tester, pH value/temperature
4x button cell batteries, 1.5V

Weight: approx. 1200g