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propagation light 2x55W, 6500 K

propagation light 2x55W, 6500 K

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Cutting fitting 2x55W with fluorescent tubes: Ideal as grow lights for cuttings and seedlings!

The cutting fitting provides everything you could wish for: Very easy to operate and more than enough for the plants to be able to thrive.

Fluorescent lamps are a popular alternative to e.g. metal-halide lamps (MH) for indoors growing. They are often more suitable than the strong MH lamps, particularly during the early growth phase and as grow lights for cuttings.

The advantages are clear: less power consumption and less heat! The fitting can be positioned much closer above the plant tips and it is almost unnecessary to extract air as long as some fresh air gets into the grow room. It is also important to note that seedlings cannot tolerate too much light intensity - HPS/MH grow lights are not beneficial during the early stages of growth! Seedlings also often require increased air humidity and a leaf temperature lower than the ambient temperature, so that the plants can transpire. Lighting with more intensive HPS/MH grow lights is therefore only suitable at a great distance, which in turn causes the plants to grow with thin stems and widely spaced leaves. For this reason professionals like to use a fluorescent tubes grow lamp!

The fitting is extremely robust and offers a suspension device so the fitting can be directly suspended with Easy Rollers or rope ratchets

Propagation light fitting for 2 x 55 W, inc. lamp, 58 x 21 x 10 cm

Application: Propagation phase

Output: 2 x 55 watts
Voltage: 220-240V
Mains connection: Schuko plug

Weight: approx. 2.36 Kg