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hortiONE 600 LED incl. Driver, 220W

hortiONE 600 LED incl. Driver, 220W

319,00 €

available now Delivery Time: 3-5 Days

19 % VAT incl.
excl. Shipping costs


hortiONE 600 LED incl. Driver, 220W

  • Version 3 with more power and 2.9Ámol/J
  • extra long for large grow boxes
  • increased homogeneity
  • improved spectrum for flowering

The hortiONE 600 has been significantly revised and further improved in essential points. Once again, hortiONE has brought a high-quality grow lamp onto the market that does not need to shy away from comparison with other LED lamps - and at an extremely attractive price.

More power, higher efficiency, extra light

The hortiONE 600 now produces 220 watts with an impressive efficiency of 2.9Ámol/J and a PPF of 600 ?mol/s - values that are impressive! So you not only get more total power, but also more light per watt. This lowers your electricity bill and increases yields at the same time. Passive cooling not only makes operation more reliable and quieter, but also keeps the weight of the lamp pleasantly low at just under 2.7 kg.

LED hybrid design with full spectrum and deep red

To ensure that the hortiONE 600 delivers top performance throughout the entire growth cycle of your plants, hortiONE 576 uses full-spectrum high-power LEDs with 4000K and 24 OSRAM high-power LEDs with 660 nm wavelength. Especially the spectrum for the important flowering phase has been improved once again, so you can soon look forward to especially powerful buds. Thanks to the high quality of the built-in LEDs from Seoul Semiconductor and Osram, this grow lamp still has a good 90% of its original light output even after 50,000 hours.

Extended design for greater homogeneity

The hortiONE 600 LED has been extended to 94 cm length, which, in combination with the 45░ angled reflectors, results in particularly good and uniform light distribution, especially in larger grow boxes. This means that even XXL boxes with several HortiOne 600 LEDs can be illuminated very homogeneously. In addition, all drivers now work with 12 V Aux. -voltage supply and are therefore well suited for control by external controllers.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x hortiONE 600 LED
  • 1x power adapter
  • 1x power cord
  • 1x DC cable 2 m

Technical details:

  • Power: 220 watts
  • PPF: 600 ?mol/s
  • Efficiency: 2.9?mol/J
  • Current consumption: 3.65 amps
  • CRI: 90
  • Number of LEDs: 600
  • Weight: 2.7 kg

hortiONE 600 LED incl. Driver, 220W

Technical information