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Ventilution Mixed In-Line, 145/187 m3/h, 100 mm

Ventilution Mixed In-Line, 145/187 m3/h, 100 mm

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The powerful duct fan for small spaces. Especially easy to install.

A good room climate is crucial to healthy plant growth. Air humidity, temperature, and air quality should always be kept at the perfect level. Above all, those growing in closed rooms or grow tents must ensure that the air is not only circulated constantly, but is also replaced.

To this end, we recommend the Ventilution duct fans, like the Ventilution Mixed In-Line. This involves a combination of the properties of axial and radial fans.

According to the intensity of the ventilation required, the Ventilation Mixed In-Line can be operated at power levels of either 15 watts or 25 watts. The Ventilution Mixed In-Line can reach an impressive air flow performance of 145 to 187 cubic metres per hour. As such, this fan is excellent for ventilating an XS grow tent, for example.

The Ventilution Mixed In-Line is a real quality product with a housing made from first-class, long-lasting ABS plastic. The installation and deinstallation is foolproof and can be done without any special skills or tools. For example, the motor, fan, and connection box are attached to the housing using special clamps with rods.

In principle, the Ventilution Mixed In-Line can be easily installed at any position or angle. It has a special mounting plate for installing on a wall.

Ventilution Mixed In-Line, 145/187, 100 mm

Duct connection 100 mm

Flow volume 145 / 187 m/h

Max. conveyed air temperature: 60C

Revolutions per minute (r.p.m) 2180 / 2385

Output 21 / 33 W

Current 0.12 / 0.20 A

Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz

Dimensions 24 x 19.5 cm

Weight 1.4kg

Sound level 28 / 35 dBA (3m)

Protection class IP X4