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Ventilation kit 570 silent, S&P fan & carbon filter

Ventilation kit 570 silent, S&P fan & carbon filter

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The quietest option among our ventilation kits.

Why buy items individually, when you can buy a set instead, which we have tested ourselves and have been convinced of their production quality, performance, compatibility, and user-friendliness.

The S&P Silent ventilation kit for especially quiet ventilation includes several component. Alongside a particularly quiet duct fan by S&P, a matching carbon filter by the quality Swiss manufacturer, CarbonActive, we also include 3m of compatible ducting and a fast clamp (noise reduction clamp), which makes it even quieter still.

The set is rounded off with a moisture resistant cable and two universal hose clamps. The set can get to work straight away!

It can be said that installing and operating the components of this set is very simple, and the level of noise generated when the system is in operation is comfortable. The products are also very long-lasting, as they are made exclusively from quality materials.

More information about each of the devices included can be found on their individual item pages at our website.

Tip: The fast clamp must be shaped by hand before use.

S&P ventilation kit 570 silent, inc. carbon filter

Manufacturer: Soler & Palau, CarbonActive

Connector diameter: 150 mm
Adjustable: Yes, 3 speed levels, can be selected via cable.
Output: 45W / 50W / 59W 
Voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz
Current: 0.2A / 0.22A / 0.26A 
Sound pressure level LPA 3m: 18/23/27 dB(A)
Length S&P duct fan: 484 mm
Length CarbonActive 500Z: 370 mm

Delivery contents:

1x S&P TD500 extraction fan SILENT, 3 levels, 350/450/550 m³/h, diameter = 150 mm
1x power supply with flexible moisture resistant cable 0.75 mm², L = 1.5m
1x carbon filter CarbonActive 500ZW up to 500 m³/h, diameter = 150 mm
1x fast clamp 150 mm
1x flexible ducting, diameter = 150 mm, L= 3 m
2x universal hose clamps
1x 200mm to 150mm CarbonActive reducer

Weight: approx. 6kg