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Ventilation kit 160 ECO, grow room ventilation & carbon filter

Ventilation kit 160 ECO, grow room ventilation & carbon filter

99,95 €

available now Delivery Time: 3-5 Days

19 % VAT incl.
excl. Shipping costs


This small carbon filter kit is THE set for micro growers. Connector diameter: 100 mm and enough power to keep plants happy.

This complete extractor fan kit includes a small extraction fan, a long-lasting carbon filter, and all accessories needed to connect these components, which offers the small-scale gardener all of the required equipment for removing used air from a small grow tent, for example.

The extractor fan by Ventilution can be operated at 2 output levels (15W / 25W), which means that this device is versatile and can be adjusted to suit various ventilation needs. With an impressive flow volume of 145 or 187m3/h, this device can be implemented for ventilation in an XS grow tent, whereby the carbon filter also cleanses the air of any undesirable odours or pollutants (which would otherwise collect in the fan and reduce its lifetime).

This set is perfectly suited for ventilating a small grow tent with lamps up to max. 250W. The carbon filter and fan are mounted in the box, and the exhaust air is extracted from the box via the flexible ducting. This usually creates enough air pressure in the grow tent to draw fresh air into the grow tent via the (open) air inlets, which removes the need for an additional air intake system.

For ventilating mid-sized to large grow rooms, we recommend using an additional fan for the air intake (e.g. PrimaKlima 125AL fan) to provide sufficient air circulation in the room (e.g. with optional recirculation fans).

Equipment included in the set:

- Duct fan with 145/187m3/h flow volume
- Bracket for mounting the fan on a wall (optional)
- compatible carbon filter with 100 mm-connector
- Fast clamp for connecting the fan directly to the carbon filter
- 3.30 m flexible ducting for extracting exhaust air
- Hose clamps to connect the ventilation ducting

Note: The performance values of the fan stated here could potentially be reduced when using a carbon filter. This is to be expected and is not considered to be a defect.

Ventilation kit 160 ECO, grow room ventilation & carbon filter

Manufacturer: Ventilution, others

Connector diameter: 100 mm
Adjustable: Yes, 2 speed levels, can be selected via cable.
Output: 15W / 25W
Voltage: 220-240V, 50 Hz

Current: 0.2A / 0.12A

Sound Level 27 / 36 dBA (3m)

Delivery contents:

1x Ventilution extraction fan Mixed Inline,
2 levels, 145/187 m³/h, diameter = 100 mm
1x power supply with flexible moisture resistant cable 0.75 mm², L = 1.5m
1x carbon filter ECONOMY LINE for fan up to 240 m³/h, diameter = 100 mm
1x fast clamp 100 mm
1x flexible ducting, diameter = 102 mm, L= 3.30 m
2x universal hose clamps 60 - 325 mm

Weight: approx. 2kg