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Trellis Netting - Scrog-Net, 5x2 Meter

Trellis Netting - Scrog-Net, 5x2 Meter

9,90 €

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19 % VAT incl.
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Maximise your yields with the Screen of Green

The Screen of Green (Scrog) method is an advanced cultivation technique. By directing all the energy to the main buds, the plants can develop their full potential. This method of cultivation is arguably the most effective and high yielding currently available. By pruning and training your plants, you control vertical growth while making the most of horizontal growing space.

The goal is to grow a uniform area (screen) of dense fruit or flowers evenly spaced. The Scrog plant net helps you to achieve this. It is 2x5 metres and is placed between the plants and the plant lighting.

Trellis Netting - Scrog-Net, 5x2 Metres

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