Terra Aquatica FlashClean (FloraKleen), 1 litre

  • Removes deposited fertilizer salts
  • for soil, coir & hydroponics
  • easy application
  • restores microflora
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Terra Aquatica FlashClean (FloraKleen): The cleaning solution for fertiliser residue.

In the course of time, all cultivation systems can be afflicted with natural fertiliser residue, be it in hydroponic, soil-based, or coco-based systems. This means that excess salts in the soil can cause stress in the plant.

FlashClean can help in such cases. It has been developed specifically to break down fertiliser salts and to restore the microflora in the soil. As such, it can also restore the nutrient connections between the plants and the grow system. Use FlashClean when changing the nutrient solution in your hydroponic system or to remove fertiliser residue from the growing medium you have used.

Application in hydroponic systems:

When changing the nutrient solution, mix one to two teaspoons of FlashClean with around three and a half litres of water. Then let the system run normally for two hours. Then drain the water and refill it with the new nutrient solution.

If you would like to do a last rinse before harvesting, let the old nutrient solution run out. Mix two to three teaspoons of FlashClean with around three and a half litres of water and let the system run normally for one to two days before harvesting.

For young plants, the mixture should be weaker. For fully-grown plants that are soon to be harvested, the mixture should be stronger.

Application in pots and in the ground with soil or another growing medium:
Mix one to two teaspoons of FlashClean into fresh water in your watering can. Then water the plants with the mixture until the water runs out of the bottom of the pot. Then, continue with your usual feeding schedule.

About the manufacturer:
General Hydroponics is the leading manufacturer of nutrient solutions for plants and hydroponic systems. The company was founded in 1975 in San Francisco by scientists and technicians. Today, they have a worldwide presence. Their research focuses on plant cultivation, hydroponics, and bioponics. As such, their products undergo constant development.

Terra Aquatica FlashClean (FloraKleen), 1 litre

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