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Starter Grow Kit, soil, organic

Starter Grow Kit, soil, organic

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Beginners? grow set inc. fertiliser, soil, plant pots

Everything the ambitious home gardener needs to start cultivating straight away. This set helps you to cultivate a minimum of 6 plants from propagation through to harvesting. Including peat propagation pots (e.g. for seedlings or cuttings), a quality soil growing media (BioBizz Light Mix), a selection of plant containers, and last but not least, the BioBizz organic fertiliser set, this product serves as the perfect complement to our grow hardware kits (e.g. the ?Economy? grow kit, size L, 250W).

50 litres of BioBizz Light Mix contains more than enough soil for the 12 plant pots included in the set. BioBizz Light Mix is slightly pre-fertilised, so that you can refrain from applying any additional fertiliser for the first 2 to 4 weeks.

The organic fertiliser set from BioBizz provides the plant with all of the necessary nutrients for the entire life cycle (growth, flowering and fruit formation phases), and like with all mineral-based fertilisers, the nutrients are immediately accessible to the plant. This will help you to achieve impressive results with ease.

Tip: Young plants should first be allowed to develop roots in the 1.55-litre plant pots. After around 4 weeks, the plants can be repotted into the 6-litre plant pots.

Technical information: 

Manufacturer: BioBizz, Teku, Jiffy
Weight: 19.5 kg

Delivery contents (27 items):

25x Jiffy peat pellets
BioBizz LIGHT-MIX with perlite, 50 litres
6x plant pots, square, 18x18x23cm, volume: approx. 6 litres
6x plant pots, square, 13x13x13 cm, volume: approx. 1.55 litres
6x saucers, square, 30.5x30.5 cm, inner dimensions: 20.5x20.5 cm

BioBizz TOPMAX bloom stimulator, 1 litre
BioBizz BIO-GROW, growth fertiliser, 1 litre
BioBizz ROOT-JUICE, root stimulator, 250ml
BioBizz BIO-BLOOM, 1 litre