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Speedgrow propagation mat, 28/40, 126 piece.

Speedgrow propagation mat, 28/40, 126 piece.

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Speedgrow propagation mat, 28/40, 126 piece.

Speedgrow Green is an authentic natural product, produced from basalt (alkaline volcanic/lava rock). Heating and spinning this stone creates these fibres. This so-called ECOSE® Technology is a new, revolutionary, formaldehyde-free binding agent technique.

The ECOSE Technology allows for a binding agent based on predominantly-natural, organic base substances. This sustainable technique is particularly eco-friendly. The desired structure is developed in this way to give an end product with healthy components. The advantage is that the roots are not subject to resistance when growing, and therefore grow to be more resistant to disease and pests. The plants make use of this advantage to grow bigger and stronger.

Special features of the Speedgrow Propagation Mat:

- Inc. plastic tray
- Rockwool doesn?t have to be watered or acidified
- Organic binding agent
- Improved rooting
- Long-lasting
- Good growth performance
- Better for the environment
- No skin irritation

Speedgrow propagation mat, 28/40, 126 piece.

Manufacturer: Speedgrow