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Secret Jardin WebIT Scrog-Net 120x60cm

Secret Jardin WebIT Scrog-Net 120x60cm

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Secret Jardin WebIT Scrog-Net 120x60cm

  • enables higher yields
  • easy application
  • increases the stability of the grow box

Secret Jardin WebIt Scrog Net 120 x 60 cm - grow efficiently and productively in a net

The Screen of Green (Scrog) method is an advanced growing technique. By directing all the energy to the main buds, the plants can develop to their full potential.

In this method, the screen of green (scrog) works like a net.

In this method, the Secret Jardin WebIT Scrog net functions as a horizontal growth aid. It consists of solid elastic fibres with a diameter of three millimetres and is placed between the plants and the plant lighting. By simply tightening it to the vertical tubes of your grow box with hooks, it supports your plants and also the stability of the grow box.

How to use:

If you have a Secret Jardin growbox with Space Booster, it can be attached with the accompanying CableIT. This will further strengthen the plants.

Secret Jardin offers the WebIT scrog net in the following sizes:

  • WebIT Scrog Net 60 x 60 cm
  • WebIT Scrog-Net 90 x 90 cm
  • WebIT Scrog-Net 120 x 60 cm
  • WebIT Scrog net 120 x 120 cm
  • WebIT Scrog net 150 x 150 cm
  • WebIT Scrog-net 300 x 150 cm

Secret Jardin WebIT Scrog-Net 120x60cm

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