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Secret Jardin Propagator 120, 120x60x190cm

Secret Jardin Propagator 120, 120x60x190cm

329,90 €

available now Delivery Time: 3-5 Days

19 % VAT incl.
excl. Shipping costs


Secret Jardin Propagator 120, 120x60x190cm

- Complete grow combination made of the best reflective mylar
- Space from 70 up to 900 cuttings
- 16 mm still structure & tear-proof 190T canvas
- The breathable material provides same temperature and humidity in the whole DP120
- These units can be equipped with TNeon or Tled, for grow & bloom for small plants

Main Technologies:
Main Fabric: Mylar 190T
Poles: 16x0.6 mm - Steel Q195 - Galvanized
Pastic Corners: PP Transparent - 3 mm thick
Water tray: Mylar 190T
Bag: Fabric 210D

Weight: 12.8 kg
Dimensions: 120 x 60 x 40-40-40 cm

Double socks with tightening strings:
1x Extraction 200 mm
Intake permissive
1x Cables 75 mm

Handling: 10x Lightning holders and filter included, supporting up to 5 kg each

Accessories included
1x Paire StrapIT - Strap for filter
6x Paire HookIT - Hooks for lighting
30x CableIT - Clips for cables and nets

Lighting Advised
Blooming TLED 3000K: 6x TLED 52W
Growing TLED 6500K: 3x TLED 52W

Volume Tent: 0.9 m3

Extraction advised
HPS (Every 30 to 60 sec): Extraction 50 m3/h
LED (Every 1 to 2 min): Extraction 25 m3/h

Secret Jardin Propagator 120, 120x60x190cm

Technical information