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Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot HS60 60x60x160 cm

Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot HS60 60x60x160 cm

89,90 €

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Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot HS60
Affordable XS grow tent 60x60x160 cm

The Hydro Shoot series from Secret Jardin offers beginner indoor growers a very affordable grow tent that does the job.

The quality and thickness of the exterior material (70D) is rather thin compared to grow tents currently offered by GrowPRO and Homebox. For example, Homebox and GrowPRO grow tents have 600D, which is a significantly thicker exterior material. Despite the thin material, the Hydro Shoot series is completely impervious to light, according to the manufacturer - an important sign of quality.

In general, very cheap grow tents are better suited for tasks such as cutting propagation, mother plant care, or drying. For these kinds of tasks, the cheap alternatives to the brand name grow tents are usually sufficient.

This grow tent has a small base area of 60x60 cm and is 160 cm tall.

We recommend using a maximum of 200W energy-saving (CFL) lighting or a simple propagation light with fluorescent tubes (T5). If you prefer to use a HPS light, make sure it does not exceed 150W.

Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot HS60
Affordable XS grow tent 60x60x160 cm

Manufacturer: Secret Jardin

Dimensions W=60cm, D=60cm, H=160cm
Area: 0.36 m2

Sealable air inlets: 1x approx. 30x20 cm (left)
Air outlets: 2x approx. 150 mm (upper side, lower left side)

Load capacity: approx. 10 kg