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Secret Jardin Ducting Flange for 25mm poles

Secret Jardin Ducting Flange for 25mm poles

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Secret Jardin Ducting Flange for 25mm poles

  • For supply and exhaust air connections
  • Extremely robust
  • light-tight, air-tight, noise-reducing
  • quick and safe assembly

Ducting Flanges from Secret Jardin are the ideal solution if you need new or more air connections on your grow box. If you change the location of the box, for example, often the positions of the previous connections no longer fit ideally to the connection to the outside. Instead of laying long exhaust hoses, you can simply install new flanges. Since the Flanges of Secret Jardin are clipped into the poles, there is almost no load on the tent walls later.

Easy assembly, many connection options

With the optional cutter accessory, the flanges can be mounted quickly and cleanly. Since they are firmly screwed, they close light- and air-tight with the wall of the grow box. You can then mount 150, 160, 200 or 250 mm Support Flanges on the Ducting Flanges, depending on the hose diameter. Exhaust hoses can be securely attached to these with hose clamps. If you mount a Ducting Flange as a supply air opening, it is best to place a light and insect screen. The Ducting Flanges DF25 fit for grow boxes with 25 mm rods. Secret Jardin - perfect material for your indoor grow!

Secret Jardin Ducting Flange for 25mm poles

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