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Scalpel blades, 5 pieces, for use in a scalpel handle

Scalpel blades, 5 pieces, for use in a scalpel handle

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5 replacement blades for scalpel handle.
So that you always have a sharp blade to hand.

Replacement blades for our scalpel set. A practical tool for taking cuttings! In order to avoid damaging the delicate fibres of the plant, you need a really sharp tool. Less damage to the fibres leads to quicker rooting, which in turn increases the survival rate.

Warning! Danger of injury! Scalpel blades are extremely sharp and designed to cut without applying much pressure. Always handle scalpels and blades carefully and keep out of reach of children! Take extra care when inserting/changing the blade!

Tip: Hygiene plays an important role in cloning (taking cuttings), as germs and fungal spores can easily penetrate the injured young plant and can inhibit its development or even kill off the cutting. Thoroughly wash your hands before they come into contact with the tool or plant, and briefly immerse the scalpel in alcohol solution (e.g. isopropyl alcohol, 70%) before using. Allow excess alcohol to evaporate from the scalpel, and then you have a guaranteed germ-free tool for taking cuttings.
Do not take the cutting directly from the mother plant using the scalpel. It is able to recover more quickly if the cutting is taken using scissors (also disinfected with alcohol) and it cut to the right length with the scalpel afterwards.

Scalpel blades, 5 pieces, for use in a scalpel handle

Manufacturer: n/a

Delivery contents: 5x scalpel blades

Weight: approx. 25g