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S&P TD-500/160 3V Duct Fan, Semi-radial

S&P TD-500/160 3V Duct Fan, Semi-radial

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Soler & Palau TD-500/160 3V Duct Fan, Semi-radial

The Soler and Palau TD-500/160 3V duct fan is an inline semi-radial duct fan. Thanks to its aerodynamic and acoustic optimisation, this duct fan offers great performance and, despite its compact dimensions, low-noise operation.

So the S & P TD-500/160 3V duct fan is particularly suitable for growers, as it runs with a very efficient low power consumption (flow rate: 560/470/390 m3/h, free blowing). It therefore offers a much lower power consumption than many PrimaKlima fans and a lower pressure loss than S&P's Silent fans. The energy savings are significant, especially with longer runtimes, for instance during 24/7 operation.

The housing is made of PP plastic and the statically and dynamically balanced propeller is made of ABS plastic. The duct fan is supplied complete with a mounting bracket and a NW 160 connector.
The motor unit can be removed during installation or maintenance without having to disassemble the piping.

S&P TD-500/160 3V Duct Fan, Semi-radial

  • Motor AC 230 V 50 Hz
  • 2-stage
  • Protection class IP 44
  • Thermal class B
  • Motor design continuous operation S1
  • Closed ball bearings - maintenance free
  • Equipped with thermal contacts, manual reset according to EN 60335-2-80
  • Speed controllable by transformer or electronically
  • Flow rate: 560/470/390 m3/h (free-blowing)
  • Max. flow average temperature: -20/+60 C
  • Nominal voltage: Monophasic 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Fan speed (r.p.m): 2,590/2,150/1,820 1/min
  • Max. power consumption: 53/44/41 W
  • Motor current: 0,21/0,19/0,18 A
  • Sound pressure level LPA 3m: 35/31/27 dB(A) (in housing)
  • Weight: 2.7 kg