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Rope Ratchet set, infinitely adjustable

Rope Ratchet set, infinitely adjustable

10,90 €

available now Delivery Time: 3-5 Days

19 % VAT incl.
excl. Shipping costs


Flexible adjustment, yet astonishingly strong: The professional suspension solution.

Anybody who has tried to hang lighting equipment safely and adjustable has surely encountered this problem: The heavier the equipment, the more tricky it is to adjust the height. The Rope Ratchet solves this exact problem.

The Rope Ratchets consist of a high-strength rope about 2.4 metres long, a ratchet, and 2 sturdy snap hooks; one at the end of the rope, the other at the ratchet.

The Rope Ratchets are installed above the area to be lit (e.g. on a ceiling hook, on the upper rod of a grow tent), and you can hook equipment weighing up to 60 kg on the end of the rope with the snap hook.

The Rope Ratchet?s trick: when weight is applied to the end of the rope with the snap hook, the ratchet is engaged and prevents the rope from moving. If you pull on the other end of the rope, the rope slides smoothly through the ratchet, which allows you to safely and conveniently adjust the height of even heavier equipment.

To lower the equipment, you lift a small lever on the ratchet, which ?opens? the ratchet, and the suspended equipment can be lowered.

Warning: When opening the ratchet, the rope end upon which the equipment is suspended must be secured, otherwise the equipment will fall freely.

Tip: In addition to lighting systems (reflectors, air-cooled reflectors) the Rope Ratchets can also be used to suspend any other kind of equipment.

Rope Ratchet set, infinitely adjustable

Maximum capacity: approx. 60kg
Rope length: approx. 240cm

Delivery contents:

2x Rope Ratchets with rope and two snap hooks

Weight: approx. 350g