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Romberg Hang-A-Lamp for grow lights

Romberg Hang-A-Lamp for grow lights

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Romberg Hang-A-Lamp Suspension: Easily install grow lights, reflectors and activated carbon filters.

The Romberg Hang-A-Lamp suspension is an innovative and high-quality full metal structure for your grow tent. Two pieces are delivered with each package. Whether for lamps, fans, activated carbon filters or reflectors: With the Romberg Hang-A-Lamp, you can quickly and easily mount up to two-times 40 kilogrammes. The cord has a length of 150 centimetres and can be adjusted to the preferred height using a lock.

A loop at the end of the metal fibre cord allows the construction to be quickly and easily secured with a sling. Using an adjustable easy glider, the preferred height can be easily adjusted to bring the safety hook into position. The secure locking releases only when you press the matching button.

Romberg Hang-A-Lamp for grow lights

Length: 150 centimetres
Load bearing capacity: 2 x 40 kg
Quantity: 2 pieces
High quality metal construction including a safety bar
Easy to install