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Purolyt (disinfectant concentrate), 1 litre

Purolyt (disinfectant concentrate), 1 litre

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Purolyt (disinfectant concentrate), 1 litre

  • prevents contamination
  • no formation of resistance possible
  • reduces workload and saves time
  • functions without harmful residues

With Purolyt disinfectant concentrate you can professionally clean or disinfect tools, growboxes, surfaces, liquids, room air and even substrates. The application is done by spraying, dipping, nebulizing or direct addition. Purolyt works against bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae and is free of chemical additives such as phosphates, surfactants, alcohol or fragrances. Purolyt disinfectant also convinces in production through sustainability and resource conservation. In an electrochemical process, hypochlorous acid (HOCL) is formed from water and salt. Purolyt thus uses the same principle as the human body with its white blood cells. After application, no harmful residues remain, the active ingredients of Purolyt react to water and traces of minerals.

Application notes:

Read label, product information and instructions for use before use! Surface disinfection: Dilute in a ratio of 1:50. You can spray this solution on mechanically pre-cleaned surfaces and wipe it off after 3-6 minutes. Alternatively, suitable tools can also be disinfected by immersion. Room air disinfection: Dilute in a ratio of 1:50. Use purified water (e.g. distilled or osmosis water) for spraying or fogging. Inert substrate disinfection: Dilute in a ratio of 1:100 by completely watering the substrate for 24 hours. Disinfection of water: For prevention, add 5-10 ml concentrate directly to 10 litres of water. If the liquid is already contaminated, increase the dose to 20-40 ml.

Purolyt (disinfectant concentrate), 1 litre

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