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Plant pot, square/black, 1.55 litres

Plant pot, square/black, 1.55 litres

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Use storage space wisely with Growmart?s square plant pots.

The classic among our plant pots when it comes to pre-growing seedlings. This plant pot allows the young plant to form a healthy root network, but also offers limited space, which means that the plants take on a more compact and bushy form in the early growth stage. However, for plants that are to be harvested, we recommend that you move them to a bigger plant pot after 4 weeks, at the latest.

The pot is completely opaque, which protects the roots from sunlight and other light sources. Its square-shaped base means that even limited storage space can be used as efficiently as possible.

Tip: If yoüre worried about the water run-off, then we recommend the matching saucer (approx. 19 x 19 cm).

Plant pot, square/black, approx. 1.55 litres

Manufacturer: n/a

Dimensions: L= 13 cm, W= 13 cm, H= 13 cm
Volume: approx. 1.55 litres?

Weight: approx. 40g