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Plant pot square/black, 0.69 litres

Plant pot square/black, 0.69 litres

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Use storage space wisely with Growmart?s square plant pots.

This square plant pot is perfect for propagating young plants, e.g. for potting a Jiffy pellet once the roots have been formed. However, this plant pot is also suitable for planting seedlings or cuttings directly into a suitable growing media (e.g. rock wool, perlite, clay pebbles, etc.). This small plant pot offers young plants enough space to form a healthy root system for around 1-3 weeks, depending on the growth speed of the crop cultivated. We recommend that you repot the plant into a larger plant pot no later than when several root tips are visible through the outlets.

The pot is completely opaque, which protects the roots from sunlight and other light sources. Its square-shaped base means that even limited storage space can be used as efficiently as possible.

Tip: If yoüre worried about the water run-off, then we recommend the matching saucer (approx. 19 x 19 cm).

Plant pot, square/black, approx. 0.69 litres

Manufacturer: n/a

Dimensions: L= 10 cm, W= 10 cm, H= 11 cm
Volume: approx. 0.69 litres?

Weight: approx. 20g