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Plagron Euro Pebbles, 45 litres hydro stones

Plagron Euro Pebbles, 45 litres hydro stones

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Plagron Euro Pebbles / hydro stones, 45 litres:

When using a hydroponic system to achieve the highest yield possible, you must ask the question - where can I find an uncomplicated, reusable growing medium. "Euro Pebbles" is a high quality substrate for hydro cultures. The material is based on pure, salt-free clay that is baked in an oven to produce the characteristic irregular granules.

Euro Pebbles has a broad range of applications because the user can determine the nutritional value. This substrate is suitable for various cultivation methods and specifically suited to hydro systems (e.g. with ebb & flow irrigation, top-feeding, etc.).

Plagron Euro Pebbles has a large capacity to absorb water and oxygen, and is washed before packaging.

Tip: Rinse the Euro Pebbles after transportation in order to remove the clay powder formed, and rinse again with pH and EC-regulated water before using. Euro Pebbles can be conveniently reused as often as necessary.

Technical information:

Manufacturer: Plagron
Container size: 45 litres

Usage: Expanded clay granules for hydro systems, suitable for use with nearly all plants.