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Philips SON-T PIA Plus, HPS 400W

Philips SON-T PIA Plus, HPS 400W

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Philips SON-T PIA Plus, HPS 400W

A quality HPS lamp with low consumption and good performance values.
The outstanding high-pressure sodium light from Philips.

"SON-T PIA" (PIA = Philips Integrated Antenna) refers to the ignition technology used by Philips, which allows increased reliability and a lower early failure rate. This is a solid choice for those with a preference for quality.

The Philips SON-T Plus 400W provides high luminous flux stability (ideal in conjunction with an eVSG), and its colour temperature lies within the red spectrum, making it ideal as a flowering lamp.

Note: To operate this lamp, a ballast with suitable performance (400 W) as well as an E40 bulb socket are required.

Tip: Never touch the glass parts of the lamps with your bare hands! The skin's oils can reduce the lifetime and luminosity of the lamp.

Philips SON-T Plus, HPS 400W

  • Colour temperature: 2000 kelvin
  • Power: 400 watts
  • Light output: 139 lm/watt
  • Luminous flux: 55,800 lumens
  • E40 bulb socket