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Orca Grow Film, 1,37x10 meter

Orca Grow Film, 1,37x10 meter

149,00 €

14,90 € per 1m

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Orca Grow Film Reflective Film, 1.37x10 metres

  • High reflectance of 94 %
  • 100 % lightproof
  • Water and tear resistant
  • strong diffuse scattering of the reflected light

The Orca Grow Film reflective foil can do a lot more than simply reflect light. In addition to a very high reflectance of 95%, it produces up to 99% diffuse reflection and thus up to 50% more LUX than conventional films made of PVC or PET. Since it is made of 280 Ám thick material, it is 100 % lightproof and particularly tear-resistant. The microfibre structure of the surface ensures an extremely even light distribution and since the light from your grow lights is reflected over the entire spectrum, there are no unwanted shifts in the colour spectrum. Of course, Orca Grow Film does not contain any harmful VOCs, halogens or plasticisers, does not yellow and is easy to clean.

Technical details:

  • Length: 10 m
  • Width: 137 cm
  • Material thickness: 280 Ám

Orca Grow Film, 1,37x10 meter

Technical information