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Nutriculture Spreader Mat, 20x3000 cm

Nutriculture Spreader Mat, 20x3000 cm

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Nutriculture Spreader Mat: An ideal water reservoir with filter function (30 metres roll)

This absorbent polypropylene and polyester fleece is a useful tool for every gardener. It stores and distributes water and nutrients evenly and thus serves as an irrigation mat that prevents the roots from drying up and drying out.

In addition, Nutriculture root fleece can also be used as a filter for drainage or a hydroponic system. Effortlessly it filters out suspended particles and earth particles so that they can not get into the capillary system.

It is suitable for use in hydroponic systems (eg NFT systems), plant pots, grow boxes or outdoors.

Application note:
Cut the mat with scissors to the desired size. Then place them either in the flowerpot directly above the drainage holes or below. The mat soaks up and stores the liquid (irrigation water or nutrient solution) and releases it gradually to your plants. In this way, the Nutriculture root fleece is an ideal water reservoir and at the same time ensures that the drainage of the pots is not clogged.

Nutriculture Spreader Mat, 20x3000cm

The Nutriculture spreader mat is delivered on a roll.
Width: 20 centimeters
Length: 30 metres
Material: polypropylene and polyester