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Mini Ventilation Set, 160 m3/h, 100mm

Mini Ventilation Set, 160 m3/h, 100mm

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Mini Ventilation Kit with a 105 m3/h (100 mm) Axial Fan and PrimaKlima Activated Carbon Filter.

This mini ventilation kit with a PrimaKlima activated carbon filter is particularly suitable for extracting air from very small grow tents or providing an active air supply for larger tents.

It fits perfectly into our small grow tents:

This article consists of the following products:

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Mini Ventilation Set, 160 m3/h, 100mm

Technical information for axial fan:

  • Power rating: 220-240 V (50 Hz)
  • Power consumption: 14 watts
  • Current consumption: 0.085 A
  • Fan speed (r.p.m.): 2,300
  • Volume flow m3/h: 105
  • Pressure Pa: 37
  • Noise dB/A 3m: 37
  • Dimensions: 115 x 115 x 125 mm
  • Weight: 0.41 kg

Technical information for activated carbon filter:

  • Dimensions: L= 21.5 cm, diameter= approx. 19.5 cm
  • Connector diameter: 100 mm
  • Maximum flow of fan: 240 m3/h
  • Weight: approx. 1.9 kg