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Milwaukee pH 4,01 buffer solution, 20ml

Milwaukee pH 4,01 buffer solution, 20ml

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Milwaukee pH 4,01 buffer solution, 20ml

The electrodes of pH meters must be periodically cleaned and calibrated to prevent micro deposits that may affect or even damage the electrodes. Only clean, calibrated electrodes can deliver the right measurement results. The accuracy of the calibration depends on the quality and freshness of the calibration solution. With the Milwaukee calibration solution, you can purchase an easy-to-use, high-quality fluid that will give your meter accurate measurements.

Calibrate your meter before the first measurement and after each cleaning. Also, calibrate if the electrodes are dry or the results are inaccurate. Depending on how often you measure the pH value, you should calibrate the device about every two weeks.

The Milwaukee pH 4.01 calibration solution calibrates all pH meters to a pH of 4.01. The bag contains 20 milliliters and is therefore small and handy. A list of all important values in degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit and pH values is shown on the packaging to help you make an accurate measurement.

Milwaukee pH 4,01 buffer solution, 20ml

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