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MQ-500: Full-Spectrum Quantum Meter

MQ-500: Full-Spectrum Quantum Meter

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Apogee MQ-500: Full-Spectrum Quantum Meter

  • Measure photosynthetically active radiation precisely
  • Effectively control lighting conditions in the grow box
  • Identify low-lit areas
  • "LED Bleach" / avoid burns

Without question, the right light for your plants is one of the most important factors in a successful indoor grow. In other words: Your growbox or growroom should be illuminated as homogeneously and evenly as possible so that all plants receive the desired amount of light and can develop in the best possible way. With the MQ-500 Full-Spectrum Quantum Meter from Apogee, you get exactly the right instrument to optimally align the lighting conditions in your growbox and to illuminate your plants perfectly.

The importance of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR)

The photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) is important for the healthy development of your plants. Therefore, it is very important to use a meter specifically designed for this radiation, such as the Apogee MQ-500.
Only the use of a PAR meter will allow you to create optimal PAR lighting conditions for all plants in your grow box. For example, you can identify so-called "dead spots" or recognise old lamps with declining PAR values in your setup. In the same way, this PAR meter helps you to effectively distribute the light produced to your plants without them "burning" due to so-called hotspots, for example. In the grow box, the reflections of light through the inner walls of the tent also play a not insignificant role. Here, too, the Apogee MQ-500 provides very valuable information to ensure that your plants are supplied with photosynthetically active radiation as homogeneously as possible.

More lighting efficiency with electronic ballasts (EBs)

A PAR Quantum Meter also provides very valuable services when using sodium vapour lamps (NDL) in indoor growing. With the MQ-500, for example, we were able to find out that the PPF value of a 600-watt NDL can be increased by up to 200 µmol/ S per day through the use of an electronic ballast.

Professional and precise quantum meter

With the MQ-500 you get a highly professional and scientifically proven instrument. The MQ 500 Quantum Meter from Apogee features a cable-connected handheld meter that displays and stores measurements. The sensor contains a blue amplified silicon photodiode and specially designed optical filters with a rugged, self-cleaning sensor housing.

The meter has sample and log modes and records an integrated daily total in mol m-2 d-1. The sample mode records up to 99 manual measurements. Sample and log measurements can be reviewed on the LCD display or by downloading the data to a computer.

Apogee MQ-500: Full-Spectrum Quantum Meter

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