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Lumatek ATS PRO 200W LED

Lumatek ATS PRO 200W LED

369,00 €

available now Delivery Time: 3-5 Days

19 % VAT incl.
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Lumatek ATS PRO 200W LED

  • Improved diodes in all colour ranges
  • Very high output - 508 Ámol/s at only 205 watts
  • Full spectrum LED for growth and flowering phase
  • IP65 protected

The new PRO models in Lumatek's Attis series offer some interesting advantages over the standard models. In addition to a higher photon flux of 508 Ámol/s, the ATS 200W PRO has a different distribution of diodes, resulting in an even more even and better light distribution. The Pro models are protected against water and dirt to IP65 by Clear Glue protective covers, with the new type of cover having 99% light transmission.

Full spectrum LED for 80 x 80 cm areas with external dimmer

With the ATS 200W PRO you can perfectly illuminate a grow box with 0.64 sqm (80 x 80 cm). Since it is equipped with full-spectrum LEDs and additional Far Red LEDs, you can use it for your entire grow - from seedling to flowering. As the large amount of light of the ATS 200W PRO is too much for young plants and should be used especially during flowering, you can reduce the power of this lamp in four steps (25 % - 50 % - 75 % - 100 %) via the dimmer (included in the scope of delivery) - without any loss of efficiency! This saves the plants stress and also saves you money on your electricity bill.

High output, passive cooling and long life

An efficiency of 2.5 Ámol/y means a PPF of 508 Ámol/s with only 205 watts of power consumption really are notable values. As the high-performance LEDs are protected against dust and water, you can look forward to a long and flawless function of your new ATS 200W PRO - Lumatek specifies a service life of >60,000 hours. Thanks to passive cooling, there are no moving parts such as fans, so this lamp is completely silent, particularly reliable and energy-efficient. Hotspots are just as much a thing of the past as oversized exhaust systems. This saves further electricity costs, works more quietly and still allows you to have rich harvests.

Technical details:

  • Light efficiency: 2.5 Ámol/y
  • PPF: 508 Ámol/s
  • Input voltage: 220-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Power consumption: 205 W
  • Attachment area: 80 x 80 cm
  • Lifetime: >60,000 h
  • Radiation angle: 120░
  • Dimming levels: 25% - 50% 75% - 100%
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 542.5 x 542.5 x 71.6 mm
  • Light spectrum: full spectrum +
  • Protection class: IP65

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Lumatek ATS 200W
  • 1x 0-10 V dimmer
  • 1x mains connection cable
  • 2x metal hanger
  • 1x manual

Lumatek ATS PRO 200W LED

Technical information