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Low Budget Grow Tent Complete Kit LED L, Lumatek ATS (Attis) 300W

Low Budget Grow Tent Complete Kit LED L, Lumatek ATS (Attis) 300W

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Low Budget Grow Tent Complete Kit LED L, Lumatek ATS (Attis) 300W

  • Growbox with 100 x 100 cm in high GrowPRO quality
  • With complete exhaust air set, 240 m│/h
  • Powerful grow lamp with 300 Watt LED power
  • 200 cm internal height of the grow box

Whether you're a motivated indoor grower or a cash cropper - this complete set is for everyone. Growbox, LED lamp, exhaust set and accessories are perfectly coordinated - and at an unbeatable price!

Growbox L by GrowPRO

The GrowPRO 3.0 L with a base area of 1 sqm (100 x 100 cm) and a height of 200 cm is, as usual with GrowPRO, manufactured in the best quality and with robust materials. Thanks to the white PE inner coating, it has PAR reflection values of up to 98 %, reliable zips, a stable frame and is very easy to set up. The hard-wearing 600D nylon outer material is lightproof, almost airtight and blends in better visually with its white surface than black grow boxes.

A PPF of 690 Ámol/s with only 300 Watt consumption - Lumatek ATS (Attis)

The use of modern, energy-saving LED grow lamps is particularly suitable when using medium-sized and large grow boxes. The Lumatek Attis 300W with its full-spectrum and colour-red LEDs impresses with its clever design, good light efficiency of 2.3 Ámol/J, a PPF of 690 Ámol/s and can be dimmed between 20 % and 100 % in five steps. As it has passive cooling, very high reliability is guaranteed and operates completely without noise. The combination of full spectrum and dimmability means you can use the Attis 300W continuously from cuttings/seedlings to flowering.

Clean exhaust air - no matter how strong the scent in the box

Many plants develop quite strong odours indoors - so that these do not pollute your home, the Grow Set LED GrowPro L contains an exhaust air set with 2-stage fan (220 / 280 m│/h), an ACF from PrimaKlima with exhaust air hose and mounting material that is neatly matched to the size of the box. Other grow accessories include a cable ratchet set, fan, timer and a thermo/hygrometer.

This Set contains the following items:

Low Budget Grow Tent Complete Kit LED L, Lumatek ATS (Attis) 300W

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