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Legrand Omnirex Timer (analogue)

Legrand Omnirex Timer (analogue)

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High-level automated time control.
The Omnirex from Legrand, precision from a leading manufacturer.

Mechanical analogue timer for advanced needs. Precision and reliability are particularly essential for light control. The Omnirex by Legrand meets these requirements. Precise mechanisms, quality materials and solid assembly make these timers a long-lasting accompaniment to your grow room setup.

In total, up to 96 times for switching devices on and off can be set per day. The switching intervals are 15 minutes apart. The current time can be set by turning the setting disc.

A switch on the side allows you to activate the connected device at any time, regardless of the time control.

Legrand Omnirex Timer (analogue)

Manufacturer: Legrand

Voltage: 230-240V / 50 Hz
Maximum capacity: 16A, 3600W
Shortest time interval: 15 minutes.

Choice of continuous operation or programmed timings.

Weight: approx. 200g