Labs Bubble Bag by BubbleMan, Single Bag, 75.5 liters (20 gal)

  • Lab version: 75% sieve surface for particularly fast work
  • Colour coded - easy to use
  • Very durable, can be used 200 times or more
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Produce the purest bubble hash. Gentle and without solvents - just with ice, water and of course the BubbleMan Bubble Bags Lab, 75.5 litres

The original BubbleMan Bubble Bags by Fresh Headies are unbeaten in their material quality and workmanship. Fresh Headies is a Canadian manufacturer that also develops products for the production of high-quality foods such as vegan milk and essential oils. We source the bubble bags directly from the manufacturer and can therefore offer the complete range at an unbeatable price - without the hassle of customs and high shipping costs from Canada.

Mesh bags are available in Lite, Original and Lab - the right version for every requirement!

Whether Lite, Original or Lab, all versions of the bags are sustainable manufactured, made of German monofilament polyester fabric and can be used up to 100 times or more. Compared to the Lite bags, the Original product line uses a stronger fabric that can withstand somewhat rougher treatment. The Lab-Bubble Bags have a sieve surface area of 75 % and thus enable particularly fast processing of larger quantities of herbs.

Easy assignment of mesh widths through colour coding

Since Fresh Headies has assigned each mesh width to a colour, you always have the right bubble bag at hand. You can also mix bags from different product lines without any problems, because the colour coding is always the same for Lab, Lite and Original.

You can process up to 1 kg of herbs per run - gently, sustainably and, in the Lab version, particularly quickly

The 75.5 litre Bubble Bags Lab from BubbleMan allow you to process 1 kg (dry weight) of your precious herbs per pass. Since the Lab version has a mesh surface of 75%, the water runs off particularly quickly and the Bubble Bag is easier to lift. Besides the bag, you only need water and ice and a Bubble Hash washing mashine. In this way, you can produce bubble hash particularly gently and cost-effectively and do not have to work with harmful and flammable solvents. The taste remains unadulterated and the delicious aromas are preserved.

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