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Homebox Q80+ Ambient, 80x80x180cm

Homebox Q80+ Ambient, 80x80x180cm

179,90 €

available now Delivery Time: 3-5 Days

19 % VAT incl.
excl. Shipping costs


Homebox Q80+ Ambient, 80x80x180cm

For space-conscious and intensive indoor gardening it's hard to beat the growbox Ambient Q80+. This highly versatile grow tent can be used for growing freshly rooted cuttings or seedlings into juvenile plants.

Assembled size: 80 x 80 x 180 cm
Assembled size: 32" x 32" x 71"
Grow space: 0.64 m2

Tube A: + 100 mm (4")
Tube B: + 125 mm (5")
Tube C: + 160 mm (6.3")
Tube D: OmniFlow-Airvent: 125 mm (5"), 2 times

Maximum capacity: 50 KG

Homebox Q80+ Ambient, 80x80x180cm

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