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Hesi Soil Starter set, hydroponic nutrients kit

Hesi Soil Starter set, hydroponic nutrients kit

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The popular kit for beginners: Hesi Soil Starter set. All Hesi products for successful cultivation in soil.

The Hesi Soil fertiliser kit is particularly popular among home gardeners thanks to its easy application. Designed as a starter kit, it contains all of the Hesi products required for successful cultivation in soil or similar growing media.

Even seedlings benefit from the root complex and TNT complex, in the flowering phase, the bloom complex and Phosphorus-Plus provide everything that the plant may need. Throughout the entire life cycle, the Hesi system is rounded out by the application of SuperVit, a preparation of vitamins and amino acids.

Hesi fertiliser is a combination of organic and mineral-based components, mostly in buffered forms, which reduces the risk of overfertilisation.
Together with a comprehensive feeding schedule, this Hesi Starter Set is a good choice for beginners and all those who wish to avoid investing a lot of time and effort in monitoring the conductivity and pH values of the soil.

Note: This set is specially designed to meet the requirements for cultivation in soil or earth-like growing media. For cultivation in coco coir, we recommend the Hesi Coco Starter set.

Hesi Soil Starter set, hydroponic nutrients kit

Manufacturer: Hesi

Delivery contents:

1x Hesi Root Complex root stimulator, 500ml
1x Hesi Power Zyme enzyme preparation, 500ml
1x Hesi TNT Complex growth fertiliser, 500ml
1x Hesi Bloom Complex bloom booster, 1 litre
1x Hesi Phosphorus Plus bloom additive, 1 litre
1x Hesi Super-Vit vital substances concentrate, 10ml

Weight: 4.28 kg