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Growbox GrowPRO XS, Grow Tent Set, LED 120W

  • compact 60x60x160 box for indoor Grows on smallest space
  • modern LED grow light from Greenception
  • cheaper than buying the individual components
  • low energy costs through LED plant lighting

If you want to run your indoor grow with trend-setting LED technology, then our low budget growbox complete set LED GrowPRO XS is just right for you. Even if you have very little space available, you can achieve great grow success with the XS set. All components are perfectly coordinated. Starting with the most compact grow tent of our own brand GrowPRO with 0.36 square meters of growing area (0.60 x 0.60 m), a Greenception GCx-4 with 120 watts up to the exhaust air set including activated carbon filter. Of course, the necessary hose clamps, a flexible hose, rope pull ratchets and the timer for the installation and reliable operation of exhaust air and lamp are included. An easily understandable and illustrated assembly instruction makes the assembly easier for you.

Growbox GrowPRO 3.0 XS

With the Growbox we do not make any compromises in terms of quality! It is the basis of successful indoor growing and has been developed further in cooperation with you, our customers. All boxes of the GrowPRO 3.0 series have a very robust frame with stable upper beams on which you can hang your equipment safely. The GrowPRO 3.0 XS growbox has a PAR reflection value of up to 98% due to the white inner coating and at the same time is almost lightproof. We have also improved the zippers, the outer skin is made of robust nylon in 600D strength and the light-coloured material also conducts infrared radiation better than black boxes. All in all, a top class growbox with which you will have a long time pleasure. 

Greenception GCx-4 - compact LED multi-talent

The new GCx series from the German Greenception developers seamlessly follows the previous series in terms of quality and performance - but with outstanding new features! The GCx 4 LED grow lamp replaces a conventional NDL with 250 watts while consuming only 120 watts. Due to its square shape, it enables a very homogeneous illumination of your indoor grow, as grow boxes usually have a square base. Here, this design is better suited than the often elongated LED grow lights.

Effective exhaust air system

To create a good climate for your plants in your grow tent, we have put together a powerful exhaust air set. The combination of an activated carbon filter from PrimaKlima with the Ventilution Mixed In-Line fan provides sufficient exhaust air without any unpleasant odours. The fan has a capacity of 145 or 187 m³/h and is perfectly dimensioned for the GrowPRO 3.0 Growbox XS.

This Set contains the following items

Growbox GrowPRO XS, Grow Tent Set, LED 120W

Technical information

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Ideal for 3 plants: Perfect for 3 plants
Growbox Space: 60x60
Lighting Brand / Type: Greenception Grow Sets
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Fast perfekt

Ich hoffe der Vertreiber liest mit. Zelt Top. Filter und Lüfter Top . Aufhängung Spitze. Mechanische Zeitschaltuhr schlecht, die bleibt hängen und ist unzuverlässig, elektronische Schaltuhr für unter 10 bei Amazon, wesentlich besser. Lampenqualität kann ich nicht beurteilen, scheint gut zu funktionieren. Ein 15 W ClipLüfter (für die Umluft) würde das Paket perfekt abrunden.

5 from 5

Zu Anfang war ich etwas skeptisch weil es sehr wenige Bewertungen über die Lampe gibt aber habe mir gedacht scheiß drauf ich hole mir die komplettbox. Habe sie bestellt nach 4 Tagen war sie da und die Tomaten wachsen einfach nur krank!!! Kann die Lampe echt nur weiterempfehlen. Einfach nur geiles Produkt vor allem für den preis und als ich bestellt habe waren sogar noch 20% Rabatt also einfach nur das beste was man bekommen kann für den Preis. Aber mit dem kleinen Lüfter kann die Wärmeentwicklung der Lampe nicht so gut abtanzportiert werden.

Total entries: 2
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