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Growbox GrowPRO S, Grow Set 250W Economy

Growbox GrowPRO S, Grow Set 250W Economy

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Growbox GrowPRO S, Grow Set 250W Economy

  • low priced Growbox complete set for beginners
  • reliable 250 Watt Grow lamp from Philips
  • high quality grow tent in 80x80x180 from GrowPRO
  • reliable 250 Watt Grow lamp from Philips
  • perfectly matched - with attractive price advantage

This tailor-made Growbox complete set consists of a Grow Tent of our own brand GrowPRO with a cultivation area of 80 x 80 cm and a matching Grow Lamp (NDL) from Philips with a power of 250 watts. Additionally included is the very efficient running ventilation set 160 ECO with a small tube fan (RV) and a long lasting activated carbon filter (AKF). All components are perfectly matched and an illustrated assembly instruction is of course also included.

Our new Growbox GrowPRO 3.0 S

A practical and well manufactured growbox is the heart of every successful indoor grow. Our brand new GrowPRO 3.0 S was developed in cooperation with you growers and offers you a lot of premium features at a fabulous price. Further improved zippers, fantastic PAR-reflection values, durable outer material and a solid upper frame for heavy equipment. The now third, once again revised generation of our popular GrowPRO growboxes is a real top class grow tent.

High quality plant lighting from Philips

The lighting of your Indoor Grow takes over in this Growbox complete set the inexpensive and reliable sodium vapor lamp Philips SON-T PIA Plus with 250 watts. The PIA ignition technology from Philips ensures a low early failure rate and a high luminous flux stability. The colour temperature of this Grow lamp is in the red spectrum, which makes it an ideal flowering lamp. To operate a sodium vapour lamp, a suitable ballast (VSG) is always required. With this complete set you get the inexpensive and particularly reliable PRO-V-T 2.0. Also included is a hammered reflector to maximize your lighting area in the growbox.

All in for a successful indoor grow with little electricity

With our Growbox complete set Low Budget GrowPRO S you get all the necessary components to bring in the first yields with a small investment soon. With the Philips SON-T PIA Plus you have a solid grow lamp for little money and the high quality workmanship of the GrowPRO 3.0 S ensures that you will enjoy indoor growing for many years. Due to the perfect fit of all components included, you will have little trouble in the construction and daily operation. Last but not least, the package saves you money when purchasing, so your wallet will be happy as well.

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Growbox complete set GrowPRO Economy S

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