GrowPRO XL grow tent, Grow kit 600W Economy

  • reliable Grow Lamp with 600 watt output
  • high quality grow tent in 120x120x200 from GrowPRO
  • efficient prevention of unpleasant odours
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Our popular 600W Economy Grow Kit - now available with the GrowPRO 3.0

  • reliable Grow Lamp with 600 watt output
  • high quality grow tent in 120x120x200 from GrowPRO
  • efficient prevention of unpleasant odours

The Growbox GrowPRO XL Grow Set 600W Economy is a perfectly coordinated grow set that enables high yields for a comparatively low investment. On an area of 120 x 120 cm, the price-conscious home grower receives all the necessary components to achieve convincing results in quality as well as quantity.

The Low Budget Grow-Set GrowPRO XL 600W HPS Growbox consists of the following components:

GrowPRO 3.0 Growbox XL (120x120x200cm)

  • high quality processed Growbox
  • Top price-performance ratio
  • lots of space for light-hungry plants
  • 100% PAR reflection | white reflective foil
  • durable zippers, solid frame
  • solid rods for grow lamps
  • GrowPRO Family: 2 years warranty + individual customer service

Ventilation set 250 PRO

This set is the attractive solution for the ventilation of growboxes. This set is the attractive solution for the aeration of growboxes. Equipped with a powerful tube fan (RV), a durable activated carbon filter (AKF), as well as all necessary accessories to connect these components to an exhaust system.
The AKF and the fan are mounted in the box and the conveyed exhaust air is discharged from the box through the enclosed Aluflex hose. The resulting negative pressure in the growbox is usually sufficient to allow enough fresh air to flow through the (open) air inlets of the growbox, so that an additional air supply system is not necessary.The RV from Ventilution can be operated at 2 power levels (45W / 65W), which means that this device can be easily adapted to different ventilation requirements even without a dimmer.

PRO-V-T 2.0 ballast 600 Watt

For the operation of sodium vapour lamps (NDL/HPS) or metal halide lamps (MH) a ballast is always required. In this Grow Set you will receive a conventional ballast from GIB Lighting, which is particularly convincing due to its very favourable purchase price with high operational reliability.

Sylvania SHP-TS Super, sodium vapour lamp 600 Watt

With the Sylvania SHP-TS Super you get an inexpensive, powerful and reliable grow lamp for vigorous growth and lush yields. Sylvania is a subsidiary of the world-famous lighting manufacturer Osram and specialises in high performance lamps for high-yield horticulture.The Sylvania NDL with 600 W generates most of its luminous flux in the red colour spectrum - perfect for a high-yielding flowering phase. With 30,000 hours, this grow lamp also has a very impressive life expectancy.

hammered reflector with E40 socket

This reflector is the low-cost classic and as an entry-level model is ideally suited for the operation of sodium vapour lamps, MH halogen lamps and energy-saving lamps. The illumination area is maximised by multiple tilting.

Other accessories

The Grow-Set is rounded off by the included, helpful accessories. These include the practical Easy Rolls, with which lamps can be easily adjusted within the Growbox at the required, best possible height. The Omnirex Legrand timer, which is also included, ensures reliable and precise light control in the growbox. The accessories in the Grow-Set are completed by the necessary cables.

Up to 10% savings compared to the purchase of the individual components

Not only that all components of the set are matched according to experience and fit perfectly to each other, when buying this growbox set you save up to 10% compared to the unit price of all articles.
The grow set is quick and easy to set up and is ready to use in no time. The delivery is of course free of shipping costs.

Grow kit GrowPRO 2.0 XL Economy 600W

Grow tent:
1x GrowPRO 2.0 Economy XL (120x120x200 cm)

1x ETI magnetic ballast, 600W

1x Euro reflector, approx. 50 x 50 cm, inc. E40 socket

Sylvania SHP-TS Super, HPS lights 600W

1x Ventilation kit 800 PRO (65W/100W), 420/800m3/h
160 mm connector inc. carbon filter and accessories

1x Omnirex Timer (analogue)
2x Easy Rollers, inc. screw set
1x Flexible moisture-resistant cable 1.5 m
1x Cable - open both ends - 4 metres

Note: Cabling work is required. It should only be connected by an authorised specialist. The legal requirements (VDE guidelines) must always be met. CRP Import - Export GmbH accepts no liability and provides no warranty coverage for damages to objects and persons caused by improper connection.

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Growbox Space: 120x120
Lighting Brand / Type: HPS Grow Sets
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