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GrowPRO Thermometer & Hygrometer

GrowPRO Thermometer & Hygrometer

16,90 €

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GrowPRO Thermometer & Hygrometer

  • large measuring range
  • With visual indication of ideal humidity
  • Min / Max recallable

With the GrowPRO thermometer & hygrometer, you have the two extremely important values of humidity and temperature at your indoor grow constantly well in view. In addition to the pure values, this device informs you via a further display with coloured areas whether the humidity is in the ideal range (comfort zone) or perhaps too high or too low. The large measuring range covers all common temperatures and humidities well and you can call up the maximum and minimum values at any time via the menu keys. In addition to the measuring functions, the GrowPRO thermo- and hygrometer also offers you a clock.

Technical details:

  • Measuring range temperature: -10 ° to 50 °C
  • Measuring range humidity: 20 % to 95 %
  • Display: Min / Max
  • Indication: Too Dry - Comfort Zone - Too Humid

GrowPRO Thermometer & Hygrometer

Technical information