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GrowPRO 3.0 Grow Tent XXS, 40x40x120cm

GrowPRO 3.0 Grow Tent XXS, 40x40x120cm

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GrowPRO 3.0 Growbox XXS, 40x40x120cm

  • High quality processed mini growbox at top price
  • perfect for growing and for beginners
  • Durable zippers, solid linkage
  • ideal lighting: 50-100 watt LED
  • GrowPRO Family: 2 years warranty

Next generation grow tent - our own brand GrowPRO 3.0 XXS

With the GrowPRO 3.0 XXS, we have once again revised and optimized the smallest grow tent of our own brand GrowPRO. The new Grow PRO 3.0 we have developed in collaboration with our customers and put special emphasis on the implementation of your requirements in a really good grow box. Durable outer material (600D), efficient zippers for daily use and a solid top frame - all together at a sensationally low price. Our new GrowPRO 3.0 XXS does not need to shy away from any comparison with other growboxes:

  • better PAR reflection values due to white PE film (inside)
  • once again improved construction & optimized materials
  • optimized for heavy use: fewer and better zippers

GrowPRO Growbox 3.0 XXS Infographic

Buy premium beginner growbox online

With a footprint of 40 x 40 cm and a height of 120 cm, you get a solid grow tent with the GrowPRO 3.0 XXS, which can still fit in the smallest corner. The GrowPRO 3.0 XXS is suitable for homegrowing beginners as well as for advanced gardeners and convinces with high-quality materials and many thoughtful details.

Hanging plant lighting perfectly and safely

The solid head frame of the GrowPRO 3.0 easily carries all popular grow lamps and activated carbon filters and, of course, all other required grow equipment. Like its predecessors, the third generation of GrowPRO grow tents impresses with its sturdy frame and extremely durable 600D nylon (premium quality) outer material. The material of the GrowPRO 3.0 XXS is almost 100% light and waterproof and thus ensures an undisturbed photoperiod of your plants. The inside of the growbox is made of highly reflective white PE, which returns up to 98% of the light (PAR) to your plants. Due to its light surface color (white/beige), the GrowPRO 3.0 conducts infrared radiation better and is accordingly particularly suitable for use in hot environments.

Lighting your indoor grow perfectly

To optimally supply the GrowPRO 3.0 XXS area with light, we recommend the energy-efficient and forward-looking LED technology from SANlight: For example, the SANlight Q1W with 50 watts is the right grow lamp for you. Of course, two Q1W lamps can also be used. Also the Q3W fits diagonally in the tent.

Growbox ventilation perfectly thought out

With your homegrow, of course, you don't want to disturb anyone. Neither with noise, nor with odors. With the GrowPRO 3.0, the issue of ventilation and deaeration is quickly and easily regulated. All openings are in the right place and the right size. As an exhaust system, we recommend our ventilation set Mini 105 m3/h for this grow box, including a small axial fan and a long-lasting activated carbon filter (AKF).

Grow fast - Grow smart

All in all, with our new GrowPRO 3.0 XXS you get a very well thought-out and well-made grow box made of the best materials at a sensationally low price. The GrowPRO 3.0 will not let you down even with intensive use and offers you the best conditions for a successful indoor grow with abundant yields.

At Growmart, we also offer you a two-year warranty on all parts.

To illuminate your new GrowPRO XXS in a power-saving and sustainable way, you can use a SANlight Q1W Gen 2 or Greenception, GCx 2solo, 60W.

Technical Details:

  • Size: 40 x 40 x 140 cm (LxWxH)
  • Area: 0.16 sqm
  • Outer material: polyester oxford 600D (denier)
  • Interior material: polyethylene (PE), white
  • Light - and waterproof
  • Corner connector, frame: Nylon / metal
  • rod diameter: 16 mm
  • Concealable air intakes: 2x (left and right each 12.5 x 12.5cm)
  • Air outlets: 1x (top side), ø 12.7 cm
  • Cable inlets: 1x (rear), ø approx. 10 cm
  • Bottom plate, removable (PE): 1
  • load capacity upper linkage: 40 Kg.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x GrowPRO 3.0 XXS (tent, poles & Vebindungsstücke)
  • 1x Assembly Instructions
  • 1x Waterproof insert (approx. 40 x 40 cm)
  • 4x suspension strap approx 150 cm

GrowPRO 3.0 Grow Tent XXS, 40x40x120cm

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