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Grow Tent Complete Kit LED GrowPRO XXS + 1x GCx 2solo, 60W

Grow Tent Complete Kit LED GrowPRO XXS + 1x GCx 2solo, 60W

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only 314,10 €
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Grow Tent Complete Kit LED GrowPRO XXS + 1x GCx 2solo, 60W

  • incl. Greenception GCx 2solo with 171 Ámol/s
  • get self-sufficient by micro-growing
  • with matching exhaust system
  • also perfect for cuttings and mother plants

With this set you get all the basics you need for a successful indoor grow at home! The most compact grow box in the GrowPRO series, the XXS, really does fit into the smallest corner and will allow you to have quite successful micro-grows. If you already have a larger box for your grow, it's perfect for holding a mother plant or raising cuttings. In addition to the GrowPRO XXS, the set also includes a GCx 2solo from Greenception with 60 watts of power and a complete exhaust system. The whole is complemented by a rope pull ratchet set, 2-stage clip fan and a timer from Legrand.

GrowPRO 3.0 XXS Growbox

The grow boxes of our own brand GrowPro are consistently developed in terms of quality and functionality to offer you as a dedicated grower the maximum value for money. All grow boxes of the 3.0 series are equipped with a very robust fabric made of nylon with a thickness of 600D. The highly reflective interior coating has a PAR reflectance value of almost 98%, is easy to clean and prevents light or odours from leaking out. The GrowPRO XXS 3.0 has a particularly stable inner pole, from which you can easily hang lamps, fans and air filters. The zips have also been upgraded compared to the previous series; they are now even more robust and smooth-running. All openings for exhaust and supply air are sensibly placed and with its white design, this grow box fits much more inconspicuously and discreetly into living spaces than most black boxes. With the GrowPRO 3.0 XXS, you get a top grow box with which you can grow successfully for many years.

Greenception GCx 2solo - state-of-the-art LED technology for indoor grows

The GCx series was developed in Germany and the 2solo produces a whopping 171 Ámol/s with a power consumption of only 60 watts. The quality LEDs emit UV-A and far-red in addition to the visible colour spectrum. This has a particularly positive effect on root growth and increased photosynthesis. You can even dim the GCx 2solo continuously and thus perfectly adapt its performance to the needs of even the youngest plants. At just over three centimetres high, this LED has a very flat design and does not take up any unnecessary space in the grow box

Reliable exhaust system with activated carbon filter

Since no indoor grow can do without exhaust air and odour filtration, we have put together a powerful exhaust system tailored to the size of your new grow box. The activated carbon filter from PrimaKlima filters all annoying odours out of the exhaust air and the Ventilution Mixed In-Line fan provides enough air flow to regulate the climate in the GrowPRO XXS 3.0 well. Depending on your needs, you can operate the fan at two different power levels.

This Set contains the following items:

Grow Tent Complete Kit LED GrowPRO XXS + 1x GCx 2solo, 60W

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