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Grodan Rockwool Mat Vital, 100x15x7.5 cm

Grodan Rockwool Mat Vital, 100x15x7.5 cm

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The perfect base for strong roots

Grodan has been an innovative and global market leader in the development of rockwool materials for almost 50 years, providing the professional grower with the best possible bases for healthy propagation.

The composition of the Grodan Rockwool Vital Mat is designed to ensure outstanding drainage. It can store water for up to 10 days. Due to its uniquely woven texture, roots can spread out ideally within the mat and the rooting is supported by a balanced uptake of nutrients. The rockwool has a neutral pH. In order to effectively exploit its properties, it should be soaked in water with a pH of 5.5 to 5.8 and rinsed thoroughly before use.

The Grodan Rockwool Mat offers the professional grower the best possible control for propagating plants. Because of its perfect air/water ratio and its completely low-nutrient and absorbable composition, it is the ideal base for healthy and productive cultivation.

The rockwool mat can also be used for Libra crates or drip irrigation channels and lasts about one season (6 - 12 months).

Grodan Rockwool Mat Vital 100x15x7.5 cm

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