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Green House Feeding Organic StarterKit

Green House Feeding Organic StarterKit

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Green House Feeding Organic StarterKit

  • contains BioGrow, BioBloom and Enhancer
  • Complete system for all stages of development
  • Price advantage compared to single purchase

In the Feeding Bio StarterKit from Green House you will find everything you need for an organic indoor grow with healthy plants and rich harvests. There is a separate fertiliser for the growth and flowering phase and a powerful Enhancer is also included in the kit.

BioGrow and BioBloom

In addition to the primary nutrients N-P-K (7-2-4 for Grow and 4-9-9 for Bloom), BioGrow and BioBloom contain calcium, magnesium and plenty of trace elements. The minerals can be absorbed immediately by your plants, organic substances must first be decomposed naturally in the substrate. In order to accelerate this process, Green House has additionally added useful fungi and microorganisms. In addition to the faster breakdown of organic nutrients, the higher microbial activity improves root growth and strengthens the plants' defences. Both fertilisers are supplied in powder form and you simply mix them into the substrate.

Constant nutrient supply for 8 weeks at a time

BioGrow and BioBloom are designed to provide a constant supply of nutrients to nutrient-hungry plants for eight weeks of growth or flowering. If you are planning a shorter growth period, you can simply reduce the amount of BioGrow fertiliser accordingly. If, on the other hand, the flowering phase lasts longer than eight weeks, a further dose of BioBloom will be necessary. In this case, you can provide sufficient nutrients with a surface fertilisation (BioBloom is worked into the top layer of substrate).

Enhancer for extra yield and quality

Your plants get an additional boost from the use of Enhancer. It contains important humic acids, filamentous fungi (Trichoderma Harzianum), algae extracts and rod-shaped bacteria (Bacillus Subtilis). The enhancer significantly improves the soil quality and increases the vitality and nutrient uptake of the plants. This ultimately leads to larger and more compact flowers and abundant harvests. Simply dissolve the enhancer in water and add it to the irrigation water every fortnight according to the fertilisation instructions.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Green House Powder Feeding BioGrow 500 g
  • 1x Green House Powder Feeding BioBloom 500 g
  • 1x Green House Powder Feeding Enhancer 125 g

Green House Feeding Organic StarterKit

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