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Gaffa Duct Tape 50 mm, 50 m, grey

Gaffa Duct Tape 50 mm, 50 m, grey

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Stick and seal with strength. 50m Gaffa duct tape.

There are fundamental advantages to using cloth-backed duct tape instead of normal tape.

Gaffa Duct tape can be affixed to any surface and guarantees a secure hold, and can even be removed without leaving any residue.

Normal sticky tape can lose its adhesive properties if there are fluctuations in temperature or air humidity. The thickness of the Gaffa duct tape and the special adhesive means that these problems are out of the question.

It has many possible uses, including insulation, affixing all sorts of things, and repairing cables, etc.

Gaffa Duct Tape 50 mm, 50 m, grey

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