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Dosing syringe, 5ml

Dosing syringe, 5ml

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Useful aid for dosing in the smallest amounts: The dosing syringe with a 5ml volume and a smallest scale marking of 0.2ml.

If you are mixing small amounts of nutrient solution, you will surely ask yourself: How can I measure out 0.6ml or a similarly small amount as accurately as possible?

The answer lies in this sterile packaged dosing syringe. 

Tip: When even smaller amounts need to be measured out (this often makes sense for pH correction products and similar), it may be useful to use this

trick: For example, you can prepare a watered down solution by mixing 1ml of pH correction solution with 9ml of water. 1ml of the solution will then contain exactly 0.1 ml of the pH correction solution. Theoretically, you can use this method to precisely measure out doses of even a thousandth of a millilitre (1ml to 999ml water, 1ml of the solution created contains a dosage of 0.001ml).

Dosing syringe, 5ml

Manufacturer: n/a

Capacity: 5ml
Smallest increment: 0.2 ml

Weight: approx. 3g