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Canna Terra (Soil) Complete Starter Kit

Canna Terra (Soil) Complete Starter Kit

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The legendary fertiliser range in a large complete kit: Canna Terra, highly-effective plant nutrition.

The complete solution with all of the Canna products that a grower needs for a successful harvest. All of the Canna products are suitable for use with a multitude of cultivated plants, but are specially designed to optimise the aroma formation, particularly for medicinal and culinary herbs (parsley, basil), as well as aromatic plants with essential elements (e.g. rosemary, lavender, etc.).

Growers have also spoken of the taste-improving qualities when using Canna products with fruit-forming cultures (e.g. tomatoes, chillies)!

Terra Vega and Terra Flores provide for the basic needs of the plant during the growth and flowering phases, while Cannazym, Rhizotonic, and PK 13/14 ideally complement the plant nutrition, depending on the plant type and which life stage it is in.

This set from Canna is specially designed for the needs of soil and soil-like substrates. Suitable for use in pre-fertilised soil, Terra Flores can also be used on less nutrient-rich soil-peat mixtures. Apart from coco coir, many growers have also had good experiences using these products with other substrates, such as rockwool or perlite.

Note: We recommend the Canna Coco complete fertiliser kit for cultivating in coco coir.

Canna Terra (soil), complete fertiliser kit

Manufacturer: Canna

Delivery contents:

1x Canna Terra Vega, 1l?
1x Canna Terra Flores, 1l?
1x Canna Cannazym, 1l?
1x Canna Rhizotonic, 500ml?
1x Canna PK 13/14, 500ml?
1x Canna Cannaboost, 250ml

Weight: approx. 4.3kg