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Canna Rhizotonic, 1 litre root stimulator

Canna Rhizotonic, 1 litre root stimulator

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31,90 € per 1l

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Rhizotonic from Canna ensures strong
and healthy root formation. From the very start.

Rhizotonic from Canna is a gentle and highly effective root stimulator for all plants that have already formed roots. It stimulates the root development and increases the plant's resilience to disease and stress. That makes Rhizotonic perfect for plants that are to be repotted, poorly-developed plants, and for regeneration after any other incidents that may cause shock.

Especially in (already rooted) cuttings and seedlings, Rhizotonic ensures fast and strong development in the root system, and therefore provides strong, healthy, robust plants. When cultivating fast-growing plants, like tomatoes for example, Rhizotonic is an essential component in a Canna system, and is suitable for all growing media.

Note: Overfertilisation with Rhizotonic can have negative effects on the quality of the substrate. It is recommended that you also use enzymes concurrently (e.g. Cannazym from Canna).

Canna Rhizotonic, root stimulator, 1 litre

Manufacturer: Canna

Usage: Root stimulator for the growth phase
Suitable growing media: All growing media.

Composition (N-P-K): 0.6-0.2-0.6

Manufacturer?s analysis:

Total nitrogen (N): 0.6%
Phosphorus trioxide (P2O3): 0.2%
Potassium oxide (K2O): 0.6%

Container size: 1000ml
Weight: approx. 1kg