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Canna Boost, 5 litres bloom stimulator

Canna Boost, 5 litres bloom stimulator

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For extra-lavish flower blossom:
The powerful bloom booster from Canna.

Canna Boost is a highly effective bloom stimulator, developed specifically for fast-growing plants. Cannaboost stimulates blossom formation at the beginning of the flowering phase and encourages an abundant bloom.
This product also makes plants healthier, stronger, and less susceptible to disease and infestation.

As Canna Boost supports the general metabolism of the flowering plant, it doesn?t only enable better yields, but also has taste-improving qualities, as it allows the plant to regulate its sugar levels more effectively.? Using Canna Boost therefore affords you an improved end product, both in quantity and quality.

Canna Boost can be applied via the irrigation water along with the usual plant nutrients, but can also be used in foliar feeding, and is suitable for all growing media and substrates.

Note: Never use in combination with products containing hydrogen peroxide, as this can lead to undesirable chemical reactions.

Canna Boost, bloom stimulator, 250ml

Manufacturer: Canna

Usage: Bloom stimulator
Suitable growing media: All growing media.

Container size: 250ml
Weight: approx. 0.25kg