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Box fan with timer, 3 levels, 45W

Box fan with timer, 3 levels, 45W

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For a grow tent or grow room. This box fan ensures ample air circulation!

This powerful box fan with feet is the optimal air circulation device for grow rooms and large grow tents. In addition to the practical timer function, the rotating grill (which can be switched on or off), gives you the option to rotate the air flow across an angle of around 30°. Both features (timer and rotating grill) help to prevent uniform air flows, which may dry the plant out too much (windburn).

The timer can be set to intervals of 10 minutes up to an hour (in 10 minute steps), or be switched off to enable continuous operation, or even more flexible time control using an external timer, for example.

Overall, the device gives off a powerful, wide air flow with relatively low consumption (45W), which ensures sufficient air circulation, even in larger spaces. In doing so, the fan operates astonishingly quietly.

Note: Do not use the in-built timer in conjunction with external time control equipment.

Box fan with timer, 3 levels, 45W

Manufacturer: Bio-G-Power

Adjustable: Yes, switch for 3 speed levels

Output: 45W
Voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz??

Dimensions (approx.): B = 35 cm, H = 40 cm, D = 15 cm

Weight: approx. 2.5kg