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Bluelab Guardian pH/EC Monitor

Bluelab Guardian pH/EC Monitor

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Bluelab Guardian Monitor: See all of the important data at a glance. A real eye-catcher. 24 hours a day.

The Bluelab Guardian Monitor continuously provides data on the current temperature, pH, and EC values. This little assistant therefore provides the most important information to maintain an optimal nutrient solution in the long term, which is a crucial parameter for plant growth. The Guardian Monitor can easily be mounted on a wall or suspended. All of the necessary accessories for this come as standard. This item is designed for indoor use.

An important point for many indoor growers: The Guardian Monitor?s LEDs are green. This means that even the most light-sensitive plants won?t be disturbed. All of the figures can easily be read off or observed during the night. You can programme the display brightness.

The Guardian Monitor allows you to set up a minimum and maximum value function for maximum control of the three most important parameters for the nutrient solution. As soon as the nutrient solution no longer reaches the desired value or exceeds it, the display begins to flash. As such, you can see at a glance whether you need to do anything or not.

Other benefits of the Guardian Monitor:

- Choose between units of measurement for conductivity and temperature
- No calibration necessary for conductivity and temperature
- Simple pH calibration at the touch of a button
- Replaceable pH sensor

Bluelab Guardian Monitor, pH/EC/temp.

Manufacturer: Bluelab

pH measurement range: 0.00pH to 14.00pH
Temperature measurement range: 0° to 50°
Accuracy: +/- 0.1 pH
Temperature accuracy: +/-1.0°C?
Calibration: 2-point calibration

EC value measurement range: 0 to 5.0 EC
TDS measurement range (ppm): 0 to 3500 ppm
Temperature measurement range: 0° to 50°
EC value accuracy: +/- 2% f.s.?
Temperature accuracy: 1.0 °C / +/- 1 °F

Delivery contents:

1x Bluelab Guardian Monitor

Weight: approx. 400g