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Blue sticky traps, 10x25 cm, 20 pieces

Blue sticky traps, 10x25 cm, 20 pieces

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Blue sticky traps: Effective defence against winged thrips. 

Like yellow sticky traps, blue sticky traps are used for early identification of an infestation of flying insects.

The manufacturer, IVOG Systems, offers the option to count the number of bugs caught using much more quickly using a number grid, available in the ?BUG-SCAN? version. One BUG-SCAN blue sticky trap protects an area of 5 square metres against pests, according to the manufacturer. 

Note: The blue sticky traps should be put up as close to the plants as possible.

Note: The holes allow for easy setup with a so-called chipping stick.  

Blue sticky traps, 20 traps, 10x25 cm

Manufacturer: IVOG-Systems

Usage: Effective defence against winged thrips.